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Our Kona Blend: The Story of our Featured Coffee of the Month!

July 17, 2017 2 Comments

Our Kona Blend: The Story of our Featured Coffee of the Month!

Sustainable Farming:

The story of our Kona Blend starts with our friends in Kona, Hawaii. When we first set out on our mission to deliver the highest quality coffee at peak freshness to our customers, we looked to our friends on the islands who had just begun growing coffee. After 15 years in business, we are proud to have worked along side our friends in Kona witnessing the growth of their operation and their continued focus on sustainable farming. The journey of our Kona coffee starts when the seed is planted at 1600 ft above the sandy beaches and tropical waters below. Over a period of 3 years combined with sunny mornings, afternoon clouds, and steady rainfall, the trees mature and begin to its first flowers during the “winter” season. During the spring months the cherries begin to grow and as temperatures increase during the summer months, the cherry ripens to perfection. By the beginning of fall, all of the cherries have ripened and been picked by hand by growers who have a passion for their crop. The cycle then begins again. Once the cherries are picked they are sent down the hill to the processing facility where each cherry is hulled, polished, and cleaned and ready for roasting.

Our Roasting Process:

Our Master Roasters love working with this coffee for many reasons, but mainly because each bean is consistently similar in size and maturity, which is a true testament to the growers attention to ripeness when picking the cherries as well as their washing process. For our roasters, this means the roasting process applied is less volatile, making it more enjoyable to accurately roast every single individual bean to its optimal profile. We roast our Kona Coffee to a light roast profile, meaning we drop the coffee from the roaster just before the first crack, which produces a bright cup that yields velvety chocolate flavors. Overall producing a very balanced and delicious cup of coffee!

Elevating your Coffee Experience:

As we like to say, coffee is a people business! Our commitment to sustainably growing our business is through working with really great people, to create beautiful coffees, and deliver it at peak freshness to our customer’s door. If you haven’t experienced our coffee, we encourage you to give us a try! We know your going to love the best tasting coffee to grace your cup!

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Erin Gallenstein
Erin Gallenstein

August 14, 2017

I have a keurage machein I would love to try a sample

Veronicaa Little
Veronicaa Little

August 07, 2017

Cant wait to try it

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