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What’s Wrong With My Coffee?

January 10, 2017 301 Comments

What’s Wrong With My Coffee?

Sometimes we all have a rough morning, nothing seems to be going right…even our morning brew! 

We can’t let that happen, so what can we do about it? Let’s Talk Coffee…

Are you using Fresh (Quality) Coffee?

The fresher the coffee the better…Coffee goes stale, the pleasant aromas subside, and the flavors diminishes over time – think of coffee like fresh bread – it’s best when fresh, but loses some of its appeal as it begins to stale.

Ideally you would want to have fresh (VRC) supplies every 2-4 weeks. Store them in an airtight container in your cupboard (never in the refrigerator, and only in the freezer if you plan to keep it there, and then only for 30-60 days).

Do you have the right grind size for the style of coffee maker?

If it’s too fine, your coffee will taste strong, bitter, over-extracted, and bitty

If it too coarse, your coffee will taste weak, flavorless, under-extracted, and uninspired???

Are you using Fresh (Quality) Water? 

If you wouldn’t drink it straight out of your tap, you may not want it in your coffee (coffee is over 98% water)

Fresh filtered water is the best. Don’t use Distilled Water – the missing minerals will prevent ideal extraction

Is your water heated to 200* (195-205*)? 

Best extraction is achieved by brewing your coffee at 195*-200* F (just off the boil)

Coffee brewers have a heating element, and sometimes that heating element isn’t working well, which will cause the coffee to be under-extracted (i.e. a little thin in the cup, missing flavors and aromas). Use your kitchen rated thermometer to find out.

(We have an affordable one if you don’t have one - click here) 

Are you using enough coffee? 

The Specialty Coffee Assoc. says a 17:1 water-to-coffee ratio is the best (we agree!)

If you have a kitchen scale, that’s the best way of being precise

Otherwise, use 2 tablespoons of coffee for every 6oz of water

(another easy way to measure is use a measuring cup – ???)

 I like my coffee more diluted?

Start with the recommended 17:1 ratio, and dilute with hot water after the brewing is completed – that maintains the flavor, and doesn’t over-extract the coffee.

It still doesn’t taste right? Now what?

Roast Profile Preferences- 

Most coffee drinkers have a personal roast profile preference (even if they don’t know it) – It’s like a preference for style of wine!

Light roasts (“City”) = brighter, more acidity, not a lot of body (Breakfast Blend, Kona Blend, Colombian Supremo)

Medium Roast – balanced, a little more body (Brazil Prima Qualita, Organic Guatemalan)

Medium-Dark Roast – balanced acidity, lots of body, full flavor (Guatemalan, Costa Rican, Panama, Organic Sumatra)

Dark Roast – richer and bolder, lots of body (Colombian Dark, Mexican Dark, Espresso Dark)

Dark Plus Roast – bold, a touch smoky, good body (French Roast, Organic Italian Roast) 

If you like to mix it up – try a lighter-to-medium roast in the morning, and a darker roast in the early afternoon.

Other Foods you are eating/drinking?

When we eat certain foods (like oranges or orange juice) they can affect your pallete and affect your perception of the coffee flavor. If you want your ‘citrus fix’ each morning, maybe wait till you have had time to enjoy your first cup of coffee. 

Drop us an email, tell us what you tried, and tell us how the coffee tastes differently than normal? 

We will be happy to try and help…

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Mitch Cornelius

July 07, 2017

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