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About Us

 Volcanic Red: Cultivated in the Richest Soil on Earth! 

In 2001, our team of passionate coffee enthusiasts set out to find the highest quality, sustainably grown coffee beans in the world. While on this adventure our team discovered that the finest coffees are cultivated in mineral rich Volcanic Red soil, in remote high mountain regions of the world.
It is our belief that there are two key ingredients in the consistent cultivation of the finest premium coffees. First, mineral rich volcanic red soil produced from volcanic activity over millions of years. Second, the artful growers passion and commitment to producing the finest coffee crop consistently each season.
Our name, Volcanic Red Coffee’s, represents our commitment to quality and our desire to deliver premium craft coffee, cultivated from the richest soil on earth!


Our Mission: Elevating your Coffee Experience!


Our Master Roasters artfully roast our coffees by hand, the “old world way”, using small batch roasters, which ensure the coffee is consistently roasted to its optimal flavor profile. Once we receive your order, our team works quickly to deliver our premium craft coffees, to your door at peak freshness!