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About Us

Dedicated to the pursuit of “Doing It Better!” – Better Coffee that is...

Why should a cup of coffee at your favorite café be better than the cup at home? The short answer is…we don’t think it should. Since early in 2001, Volcanic Red Coffees has been pursuing this journey to provide a better coffee experience to as many as we could reach. Believing there must be a better way, 3 friends (with the help from many others, including a dedicated team of coffee professionals) started a company to prove that your coffee experience, enjoyed in your home, could be done better…a lot better!

No, we don’t claim to have invented ‘the morning ritual’ or ‘specialty coffee’, nor did we start the ‘single serve coffee revolution’…Our goal was simply just to do it better, and bring that elevated experience to you. It’s as straight-forward as it sounds, our daily mission is to find the best coffees, expertly roast them in small batches to their peak flavor, and deliver them fresh to you…to enjoy your ‘morning ritual’. Let’s be honest, we all love coffee, and can’t imagine starting our day without it, the question we ask is – “why not do it better?”
We hope you join us in this journey… Elevate Your Coffee Experience!
(yes, it’s our tagline, but it’s also what we believe in)

~Your Friends & Fellow Coffee Lovers at Volcanic Red